What materials is Surefoot made of?

All Surefoot pile caps are fabricated using 250-grade plates. Their thickness varies, starting with the S150 at 4mm, continuing to the S600 using 10mm. Our driving guides are custom made to suit the micropiles.

What is a Micropile?

One of the main components of Surefoot is the micropile, with each micropile driven into the ground. They work together to resist the loadings applied to the Surefoot pile cap.

Which micropiles can be used?

The size of our micropiles is a standard 32 Nominal Bore pipe with a minimum gauge of 2.6mm, although thicker gauges can be selected. They come in Hot Dipped Galvanized finish.

What are the maximum loads of Surefoot?

Depending on the model used, Surefoot is capable of receiving loads of up to 50 tonnes. Further capacities are achieved by combining models in groups and then joining these with steel subframes. Surefoot is one of the only systems with the capacity to resist high bending moments, meaning they can be used for many purposes beyond typical construction. These include communication towers, masts and wind turbines.5

What is the corrosion capacity of Surefoot?

Depending on specific project soil and environment characteristics, the minimum lifespan of a Surefoot system is over 50 years.