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Wildboar (previously Pacific Footings) is the exclusive distributor of Surefoot products throughout New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands.

The Surefoot concrete free footing system is an “all in one system”, where a unique shape and high-strength steel combine to create an efficient pile cap. Once the piles have been driven, and the cap has been secured, the opposing forces of the multi-directional piles provide a stable, robust and economical footing.

The Surefoot system is designed to increase efficiency when resisting uplift, gravity, shear and moment loads. The soil structure ultimately absorbs the applied stress. This footing system is job specific, meaning it will be designed according to your particular site soil conditions, structural design loads etc.

The Surefoot footing system cannot be labelled as either a shallow or deep footing and therefore belongs to a new “hybrid” category of footing.

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Our team brings together a wealth of experience in construction and engineering. As a team we are committed to fantastic customer service and are always looking for new and innovative ways to advance the industry

Derek Gaeth

Managing Director

Natalie Smith


Roger Colins

Design and Engineering

Graeme Hanna

Installer - Builder

Matt Ashton

Installer - Builder