• Bolting Pattern:
    350-400 PCD x 4 x 26mm holes
    432-500 PCD x 4 x 32mm holes
  • Micro Piles:
    16 x 32NB (Nominal Bore) 42.4OD
    Galvanised Pile Light, Medium, Heavy
  • Load Capacity:
    Up to 500kN
  • Average installation time:
    40 minutes approx.

Commercial Signs

The Surefoot concrete free footing system can be used for the fast, efficient and secure construction of commercial and industrial signage regardless of size and in hard to access areas. From road signs to billboards, Surefoot footing enables a quick installation that is suitable for both permanent and temporary signage. It also offers the capacity for removal, reuse and reinstallation as required. A multi-purpose foundation, the Surefoot system is an innovative alternative in all construction applications where concrete footings can be used.


Delivering a distinct advantage over traditional foundations in the construction of both temporary and permanent bridges, the Surefoot steel footing system is suited for use in areas with limited or difficult access. The Surefoot system offers precision and efficiency and will enable both the construction and use of a bridge within the same day. Surefoot also provides instant bearing capacity with no curing time and the ability to be installed, removed and reused in separate locations as required. This revolutionary, concrete free footing system has minimal impact on surrounding flora and fauna. It does not require the heavy equipment traditionally required for earthworks, meaning it will not erode river banks. With untapped potential within many industries including the military, this innovative, reliable footing system will continue to revolutionise the way the construction industry operates.


The use of the Surefoot concrete free footing system in the erection of turbines offers a cost-effective and time-efficient alternative to traditional concrete footings. Turbines are commonly located in remote areas that require a higher cost of labour and construction materials. However, the Surefoot steel footing system significantly reduces labour time and requires a smaller volume of materials, ensuring heightened profit margins. Due to the compact nature of this innovative footing system, the foundation for a multiple wind turbine could fit into the back of a single ute, eliminating the costly need for a cement truck and excavator to be present on site.

The Steel Footing of the Future

With an average installation time of only 10 minutes, choose the cost-effective, market leading steel foundation from Surefoot. Call us today to discuss your residential and small extension structural needs.