S400 12 pile

S400 – 12 pile

  • Bolting Pattern:
    198-250 PCD x 4 x 22mm holes
    300-350 PCD x 4 x 26mm holes
  • Micro Piles:
    12 x 32NB (Nominal Bore) 42.4OD
    Galvanized Pipe Light, Medium, Heavy, Stainless Steel
  • Load Capacity:
    Up to 300kN
  • Average installation time:
    20 minutes approx.

Designed for those larger jobs. The S400 12 pile will handle up to 300kN and has the foot print to cater for larger steel structures.

Umbrella & Shade Sails

Complement any outdoor area with the statement-making aesthetics of an umbrella or cantilevered shade sail, supported by Surefoot steel footings. Providing an instant bearing capacity and with suitability in all wind categories and soil types, Surefoot offers a firm foundation and large load capacity. Labour-saving and cost-effective, a Surefoot foundation is both quick and easy to install. Fully adjustable in both plumb and level, Surefoot allows you to adjust the shade sail to complement any area and meet any need. Designed for limited access areas, slopes and remote sites, Surefoot footings optimise the space beneath the shade structure while eliminating the need for excavation and soil disturbance. This revolutionary steel footing is the premium choice when installing shade sails and cantilevered structures across Australia.

Light Poles

From CCTV equipment to street lights, flags and signage, the revolutionary Surefoot concrete free footing system can be installed in limited access areas with ease. Construction can be completed in as little as 15 minutes with minimal spoil, ensuring these vital safety measures are operational quickly and efficiently. An effective uplift prevention system, the Surefoot steel footing will secure the structure regardless of environmental conditions.

The Steel Footing of the Future

With an average installation time of only 10 minutes, choose the cost-effective, market leading steel foundation from Surefoot. Call us today to discuss your residential and small extension structural needs.