MultiFix is a unique patented two part foot that clamps onto any post to turn it into an instant footing or fence post.  The wood does not need to be dimensionally correct and takes only a few minutes to fit and install.

MultiFix 90

MultiFix 125

The MultiFix 90 is designed to clamp onto any timber between 80mm and 120mm wide and will create an instant footing for fences, sheds, decks or anywhere else requiring a low to medium capacity footing. The micro piles are simply driven in with a sledgehammer or small jackhammer. Post install time is around 5 minutes. Micro pile length is typically 600mm

The MultiFix 125 is design for structural applications requiring an engineered or 3604 footing. The Multifix 125 clamps onto any 125×125 post and turns it into an instand 4kN footing.

The MultiFix 125 can be used as an anchor or ordinary house pile. It can be used for decks, steps, fences or any application requiring up to a 4kN bearing capacity.

The Multifix 125 is able to be used in soft sand through to hard rock and can be installed with a 50 joule or larger jack hammer.

*pile length an specification to be confirmed by engineer prior to any installation requiring consen